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To develop a centre of excellence for value based education and research comparable with the best in the world through technology and continuous learning.


Our mission is to inculcate positive virtues like courage, vitality, sensitiveness and creativity in children so that they grow into visionary leaders of upright character.Our primary duty is to transform our children into an enlightened human beings. To fuse the modern day student with scientific temperament, which retaining our core values to prepare him for the task of nation building which is the crying need of the hour.We endeavour to build upright citizens who aspire for a higher and a better life, quest for knowledge, perfection and spread of universal brotherhood under the patronship and blessings of "His Holiness" Shri Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj. According to Swami Ji, " The world can be made better and happier with purity of mind and powerful thought." Our mission is to create and pursue excellence in all the spheres of a child's development and all our efforts are directed towards creating a congenial and effective environment in which the best of a child's body, mind, heart, intellect and spirit is brought out in its bloom, so that he can create a happy, peaceful and prosperous society. The management has taken it as a challenge to provide excellent and all round education at very reasonable and affordable rates to the rural children of Rajouri district and its surrounding villages at their doorsteps.


1) To provide modern, scientific and quality education to the future nation builders and generations.

2) To develop students with strong character, sharp intellect and good etiquettes through play-way techniques.

3) To make students fully aware of their responsibilities (towards parents, society and the motherland).

4) To mould the students to become torch bearers of our nation under the guidance of the best educators from all over the country.

5) To make strenuous efforts to fulfill child's emotional, physical and spiritual needs for maintaining proper balance amongst mind, body and spirit.


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