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Shri Guru Gangdev College of Education



"The world can be made better and happier with purity of mind and powerful thoughts"


A legendary Saint Pioneer of Vedic College, Shri Guru Gangdev Ji, expressed his views on religion, society and spiritualism, very much like those of great saints of India, ever stand as a treasure-house in the present scenario.In spiritual quest, Guru Gangdev Ji, accompanied by his devotees, visited almost all the parts of India and its neighbouring countries and finally settled in Chhann Rorian, Kathua and historical evidences support this fact that Guru Ji's personal belongings are preserved in Kathua and other Ashrams in different states of India.We have maintained excellent standard of education and a beautiful campus which speaks of itself. Presently a new kind of educational resurgence is evident in the state. The new experiments in Education, introduction of reforms and improved evaluation techniques are watched both by the students and the rightly concerned public with interest. New opportunities have arisen for all to work together in realising the  various targets in Education.


 It is indeed satisfying that Shri Guru Gangdev College of Education has established itself as a reliable educational institute and an academic organisation with a constant endeavour to shape the overall academic development of the trainees.


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